How We Work

Vacation Saga provides featured photos, detailed information about the Holiday Letting Properties. We feature Holiday homes in a beautiful and informative way to get a higher search engine ranking. We are not just property focused rather we attract renters by providing then mobile friendly, easy to use website with thorough attractive listings.

An average traveler visits 4 vacation rental websites and enquires about 7 properties before booking a holiday letting.

83% of the travelers make an enquiry of 7 properties before booking.

Website visitors are 64% more likely to make an enquiry if the description is more than 2000 characters with distinct photos and videos.

27% travelers use Google to shop for hotels according to their choice

85% want photos and videos of rooms and want to know about the facilities provided.

25% book a travel service because of an unexpected mail.

A well-made listing can easily generate 50% of all the
leads you require to fill your vacant space.

List your space today and begin to generate direct bookings for your rental business.Your advert is your main contact with prospective and current travelers. So, let's make it the best! It can help you to retain current travelers and attract new prospect for your vacant unit. "We make your site come to life "

Be a saga host and put the
world's largest rental website to
work for you

We provide effective marketing strategies that draw the affluent travelers. We share our content in Groups on Social media and use our posts as object for Drip Marketing Campaigns. We share visual contents and photos of properties on social media accounts like.

Since search engines reward unique content and ignore websites with copied content, we provide you unique content so that you have a better opportunity to compete in Search Engines. Our listing descriptions appeal to both human readers and search engine spiders. We hire professionals for listings as they convert fact based listings into story based listings. We list full inventories reflected in the holiday rental, from appliances to fixtures. We expose the listing to the highest number of people which brings money to our customers. We have strong online following capturing interests of prospective buyers by our unique listings. We also give you an option to make videos of your property and upload them on our website. We concentrate on the most visually appealing photos and use them with different configurations. We provide content and text to read, which helps in gaining confidence of travelers and meeting his needs. Our content is thought provoking to engage the potential travelers.

You can also provide us house viewing style videos which we can upload on our website to attract a huge number of potential travelers in one go.

If you want to expand your business, you can buy a website from us with no strings for one low cost. Creating your own website to promote your holiday home can be the best investment you make for the long-term success of your holiday rental business.

Our Personal websites are beautifully designed, Content rich and offer greater options for fun and unique functions for the user to enjoy.

Included in a Rental Website are
  • Unique text written specifically for your company.
  • A professional look at an affordable price.
  • A simple, no fluff, online presence.
  • Our team will bring your home vision to life.
  • We make website as user friendly as possible for both guests and owners.

Reach our 10 Million verified travelers
from different parts of the World

After the stay, we ask our travelers to write reviews for your properties and in return we provide them bonus points on their next booking with Vacation Saga. We provide complete control of your account so that you can update it as and when you like. We also provide a Personal Account Manager to help you in managing properties 24*7.

Say goodbye to double bookings forever with fully automated live updates on the website. Our dynamic calendar keeps you and your customers updated about availability always.

Once a holiday maker makes a booking request, we then accept the booking or decline it depending upon your wish. After that, there is a simple process when a reservation request comes to your way through our website, simply press the "Accept Reservation" button and the guest will communicate you through our website. We give direct communication in between our registered travelers and registered property Owner's. Hence, they will contact you directly through your E-mail address provided by you. Our travelers will pay the complete amount of the reservation directly to you. The pricing of the property for the bookings will be decided by the Property Owner itself on our platform.

We also give opportunities to our selected property owners to get their property displayed on our home page in sections named as Popular Rentals, Hot Deals and Trendy Now.

"We place ourselves in the shoes of our customers"


Our vacation experts will do the heavy work for you making your success feel easy. We are sort of like your vacation rental concierge and business coach all in one.

Our main motive is to attract new customers into your business and strengthening your relationship with your existing customer base, without a huge financial outlay.

There is a membership fees only and there is no commission or any hidden charges when you become a member of Vacation Saga. We do not charge any commission on your reservations as well. Our payment system is highly secure so that you never have todeal with money directly.